4 Tips for The Horse Photographer

horse photographerPhotography itself is divided into several niches and every year, each field gains more notice. For example, you don’t see photographers work both as a wedding and commercial photographer. This time, equine photography is gaining more attention and maybe you are also another enthusiast who wants to try becoming a horse photographer.

It’s different from others and is certainly a fun job to have. You get to meet different kinds of horses and capture the majestic looking creature through your camera.

It’s about enjoying the job

Truth to be told, equine photography doesn’t necessarily pay much due to the fact that not everybody owns a horse and the distance you have to take to travel to each stable. In recent years, many professional photographers are removing themselves from horse events and riding competitions. It is mainly because they can’t even break event with what they spent on hotels, gas and everything else.

You also won’t likely be able to receive many calls to take pictures of horses and their owners that many times. But when you do, it’s certainly exciting to realize how fun it can be to be able to capture precious moments of owners and their horses.

Long and wide

Both long and wide shots are great pictures to include in the gallery. You will enjoy taking long shots of the horses as they are pretty big creatures. Their bodies also extend to the back, so long shots will greatly improve focus on their and owner’s face while giving you a nice bokeh at the back.

Wide shots can make add some fun into the gallery. Horses are certainly regal and all, but close up when they are eating, they can be just as funny as any other animals!

Make sure to align the owner with the horse’s face on long shots. If you don’t, the horse or the owner’s face can get blurred out.

Insurance and safety

Another important thing to remember in horse photography is that you are dealing with a prey animal that can get skittish. Horses can be easily agitated and when they are, they kick with their back hoofs which can seriously hurt. Always stay within the horse range of view and don’t squat or sit on the horse side. It’s also a good idea to be introduced for the first time by the owner and spend some time together to get it used to your presence.

You never know when you will make the mistake however, so getting insurance is important. You need to ensure that your gears are covered and your clients won’t be able to sue you $50,000 for their horse’s injury that supposedly happened when you were shooting.

Get the owner to relax

Another thing about horse photography is that you will notice that your clients are pretty awkward in front of the camera. Posing for a professional photographer has probably made them pretty tense and stiff in front of the camera. So instead of getting them to pose, get those people to look at their horse and pet them the way they usually would. The more natural it is, the better the pictures will be.

You can see some really natural-looking pictures taken by a professional horse photographer. Emma Ziff Photography has got some of the best examples.

5 Things You Should Know to Hire a PhotoBooth

hire a photoboothYou want to be able to do your best in preparing your wedding photography. And to do that, you might be thinking that you should hire a photobooth. It’s all great, but we really want to make sure that you hire from the right photobooth service provider as well as get the best out of the service you have paid for.

1. Get it from your wedding photographer

It’s a booming business and a lot of people are offering it. But we highly suggest that you get your photobooth service from your wedding photographer. It’ll save you a lot of time looking for one because your photographer knows a lot about you already. He knows your preferences as well as how to better decorate the booth if it’s necessary.

Moreover, you might get a special offer from purchasing another package from your photographer!

2. Know the quality

Modern photobooths are already equipped with some of the best cameras that capture sharp and beautiful pictures. You don’t have to worry if the pictures will be able to capture everyone clearly because that’s the standard of photobooths nowadays. To see if your photobooth is providing that service, ask your photographer for some samples or if possible, take one or two pictures yourself.

3.  What comes together with it

If you got your photobooth from a professional provider, you will get a lot of props with the booth. You also don’t have to worry about taking care of them, because they will also provide you with a butler or an assistant who will take care of everything. All you need to do is pay and wait for the photobooth to arrive and set up on your wedding day.

An example of a professional provider is SmartPicsUk.com Event Photography and we always like to recommend people to hire a photobooth here.

4.  Ask for customization

It would be great if you can have your photobooth to be customized to suit the decoration and theme that you have for your wedding party. It doesn’t have to be decorated too much, but just enough that it’ll compliment the look of your party.

Some providers even provide you with customizable add-ons, such as a guest book. They can also customize the paper frame if they provide any.

5.  Lots of things to do with it!

With the pictures from the photobooth, you can have a lot of ideas to work with them. A cousin of mine used to use pictures of his relatives glued to a tree-shaped cardboard as a decoration. They’ll bring that back to their home and keep it as a memory from their wedding day. Many others would usually use the pictures as a slideshow to be shown in the hall as people wait for the party to start.

There’s only the creativity that limits you with what you can do with your photobooth. And it’s a really great thing to know that you are reading this before you get a photobooth. Now, you can hire a photobooth and get the most out of it.

Preparations To be Made for The Family Portraits

Out of all the millions of images an individual may feature in within a life time, it can be said that none can compare or hold a candle to the famFamily portraitsily portrait. The family portraits hold a lot of significance as they depict a wide range of emotions and feelings. However, even with level of importance attached to one, it is not a simple image to capture. This is due to the fact that it requires a lot of planning.

The following are two simple ways to make the process a whole lot easy:

– Getting the best photographer

The evolution of the digital camera over the past few years has brought with it a lot of surprises. Most of these surprises are a breath of fresh air into the niche called photography. All of a sudden, what is needed to take a good picture is just a tap of the finger. This has most people thinking that photography is something that can be easily gotten into.

Sadly, this is not a case that is true. Photography still requires a whole lot of patience, practice, skill and technique before a good picture can be delivered. This means that for family portraits, what you need to be doing is calling on the expertise of the professionals. To ascertain if a photographer is the right person to entrust your family photographs to, there are certain things you need to do:

– Perform checks on credibility

– Seek for previous clients and ask about experience

– Browse their portfolio and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. a) How do the family members in the picture look?
  2. b) Do I want my family portrait looking like that?
  3. c) Is the work of the photographer similar to something you’ve seen before or totally unique to them?

If the checks you perform satisfy your standards, then it means you should feel comfortable enough to reach out to the photographer to take your family portraits. A call is much more preferrable as it shows the level of comfort you have with the photographer. Simply sending an email means there are hang-ups.

The right photographer after you reach out to them will go ahead to ask relevant questions pertaining to getting the type of image your family seeks. A price can also be decided upon to make the discussion formal. Remember that your comfort level will affect how the portrait turns out.

– Location

The second thing you need to take of as well is the location in which the family portraits will be taken. It can be done anywhere from the family abode, photographer’s studio to a scenic destination. The location choice depends on what the family intends for the photographs to be about. Is it going to be a celebration of a new addition to the family? A commemoration of GrandPa turning 80 or a birthday surprise for mom? What ever the reason, close attention needs to be paid to the details of the location because at the end of the day it also plays a role in creating the mood for the shoot.

Reasons Why You Need a Family Portrait Photographer Bournemouth

photographer bournemouthYour family portrait photos are essential in keeping beautiful moments that was shared with the family. These portraits keep memories and am sure you don’t want to ever forget about those moments you’ve shared with your family. These family portraits will make you have a look at your kids and be surprised how they have grown up. You will also look at those past moments and begin to remember how time flies. But, you can’t get a good family portrait without hiring the services of a portrait photographer Bournemouth. Here are reasons why you need a portrait photographer in Bournemouth

You will have wonderful keepsakes of your those beautiful moments

A portrait photographer Bournemouth, will always allow you keep tabs of the ever changing moments in your family. A portrait photographer will have the privilege of taking the growing changes in your family. He will be the one to take photos of when your kids are little and also when they are teens. This will also be beneficial to you because you and your spouse can always look at them and “sigh” beautifully and remember how fast your kids have grown.

You and your family will always love each family portraits photography session with this photographer

It is always fun with a family portrait photographer Bournemouth. Most people “tag” family portraits session as very boring and prefer taking family portraits anywhere else, but this is not true. A session with this family photographer is fun.

With a family portrait photographer, you and family will be yourselves. You do not have to have to fake those smiles and poses. A family portrait photographer will call your attention before the photo shoots take place to discuss some vital things such as clothing and poses so that you and your family can have a fun filled photo session.

The whole family get to be involved in every photo

A family portrait without everyone appearing it is not a complete family photo. In most family portrait photos one person is always missing, and this is because that person is the one taking the pictures. This is not the case if you get a portrait photographer in Bournemouth. You will have everyone appear in every family portrait photo.

You will get the best quality portraits

You will be astonished by the pictures you will get. You can also use these pictures as a gift item to your friends and colleague. There is no gift more genuine as a family portrait. And it is a good way to represent the happiness and joy that was shared with the family.

Don’t ever think that getting a family portrait photographer Bournemouth is not a good option. It is worth spending your money on. There is nothing more special than hiring a family portrait photographer to give your family the best photographs. There are lots of testimonies from various families of how family portraits are a treasured possession, and I know it is also the same for your family. This is more reason why you need this family portrait photographer to give you the best portrait pictures. Furthermore, you can also check out Fiona Moorey Photography to get the best insights about family portrait photos.