Newborn Photography: Here’s How to Not Ruin Your Career

Orange County newborn photographerThere are a lot of photography mistakes that many people, even professionals, still do. Of course, professionals most probably did them unconsciously, but it happens. The best thing you can do is to be conscious of it and avoid doing them at all cost. That’s if you don’t want to ruin your career as an Orange County newborn photographer.

Baby photography requires the photographer to be more sensitive than others. You’re dealing with a young baby that still doesn’t know how to protect himself. It’s even worse with newborns, who spend most of their time sleeping. It’s really important that you prioritize safety first when dealing with little ones.

For example, remember to never leave them alone. Always have an adult overseeing them if you have to leave the room. You should also take them off any kind of props that could be dangerous if you’re leaving. You should also plan for the poses that will be used and ensure that they are not dangerous or uncomfortable for the babies.

Several poses shouldn’t be done on newborn babies, as you’ve probably known. They are usually edited to look as if they are positioned that way. Make not that in a newborn session, a lot of things cannot be done without at least a little editing on the picture, so don’t worry too much about it.

Others sometimes forgot that they are taking plain, baby pictures, and light the whole place up as if it’s a model photo shoot session. Have a look at the newborn pictures from by a professional Orange County newborn photographer. The elegance lies in the decent lighting they use.

There’s no need to use a big flash on babies.

Using such a big source of light will deal negatively on the babies and won’t look good on them either. It’s much better to make use of natural lighting whenever you can. That’s why when designing your studio, make sure there’s a window that allows enough natural light shine into the room.

Do the same when you do lifestyle photography session. When you choose the rooms, make sure they have windows or glass walls that allow light to shine into the room. Use reflectors to cover the shadow that may appear.

If you’re a professional newborn photographer, remain as one. You shouldn’t be trying to do everything photography related if you want to become one or remain so. If you want to expand, expand into something related to your current main subjects, such as becoming a baby or child photographer. You can also expand to maternity session, which will create a chance for these clients to come back to you for their newborn session.

As you work your way up, remember to stick to your professional code.

Such as, not selling yourself short just because there’s a lack of customer temporarily, compromise with doing dangerous poses just to get better portfolios, so on and so forth. Striving to be better when you’re already working as an Orange County newborn photographer for a long time can be hard. But it’s important if you want to remain as a professional.

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Newborn Photographer

newborn photography LondonInterviewing your newborn photographer can be difficult; you’re most probably not a photographer notr having the necessary skills to judge one. Which is why we’ve created a short question list that you must know the answers from your photographer before deciding on who will in charge of your newborn photography London.

What are your qualifications?

It doesn’t have to be a straightforward question but you can alter it by asking “What makes you a better newborn photographer London from others?”. The point is to see if your photographer can define her skills and convince you into believing they are well-qualified to do newborn sessions.

How long have you been doing newborn photography? What else do you do?

The purpose of this question is to know how long and how much is your photographer specialized in this specific line of work. No matter what kind of photography you want, if quality is your priority, which is always the case, your photographer should not be a one-stop-store. Chances are your newborn pictures will not be satisfying and full of flaws. Don’t risk this moment, your baby only stay newborn for 10 days.

If your photographer majorly shoots newborn, babies and bump pictures, that’s a pretty good sign. A cue that you’ve found someone that majors in the right direction.

What is your style newborn photography London? What is your approach?

The answer is quite subjective and depends on your preferences. While asking this, expect portfolios to be shown to you or ask for some if they haven’t shown you. Their portfolios should be able to define a consistent style with creativity.

I heard/saw that your (package) costs ($) for (#) of pictures.

Confirm with the photographer of the packages and offers that they state in the site. It is important that both of you crosscheck with each other before booking, paying and disappointed because you misunderstood the package.

Take the chance to also ask about other packages they serve and compare it to other photographers.

What happens in the session?

You’ll expect methods, techniques and ways your photographer would be posing your baby. It’s important to notice if your photographer is not mentioning any safety precautions, comfort for your baby and is on and on about how to make great pictures and amazing poses they can do; signs of overconfident and reckless photographer.

(sees a hanging beanbag) Will we be doing these kind of shots?

The afterwards is to know if your photographer ensure that the set is free from any harm. Aiming for that particular angle and picture is important but that should not be done at the expense of your baby’s safety. The should be able to answer you clearly and able to convince you that it is done safely without leaving the baby alone.

How will we decide on the date of the photography?

Your photographer will ask for your due date and what you need to hear is that your photographer will allow a few says to a few weeks of flexibility because due date can miss.

When will I get the results? What about copyright?

It’s a pretty informative type of question, you’d ask this even if I don’t list it here, but copyright is another important question. Some photographers does not allow you to post pictures online and should only be used personally. They will provide you watermarked pictures of decent quality and you can use them instead. If you need to reproduce the pictures, you will need to meet the photographer again and pay for the printing fees.