Looking for Photographers in Belfast? Take a Look at These Four

wedding photographer BelfastSo, you want to have your wedding in Belfast. The Northern Ireland’s capital is the birthplace of the famed RMS Titanic that hit an iceberg in 1912 and sunk; an inspiration for the well-known movie of the same name. Okay, that is just a fun fact for you to know. Belfast is a really beautiful place with a population of about 300,000 people. It has really amazing places you can visit after your wedding and some of the most astounding wedding venues you will find in the United Kingdom.

You have not made a bad choice. All that is left is to find a good, talented, reliable and trustworthy photographer to put the icing on the cake. Mind you, Belfast is home to a number of amazing photographers with lots and lots of experiences who are unique in their own way. Torn between so many choices for a wedding photographer in Belfast, why not try out Catherine Mackenzie Photography.

Catherine Mackenzie Photography

  • It is delightful to know that your wedding photographer is a storyteller. It is even more delightful to know that she knows how to bring your vision of what your wedding photographs should be like into reality. That aside, she has an iconic method of photography that incorporates a signature dream-like photography style. Basically, if you need your wedding album to tell its story all by itself, she is the one to go to.
  • An award-winning professional photographer with several years of experience in the field, Catherine is based just outside Belfast. She loves a blend of conventional and unconventional photography styles. She is also known to be friendly and professional at that, and with an eye for capturing the unique atmosphere each wedding presents.
  • Everybody likes an artist and Catherine Mackenzie describes herself best as “a professional wedding photographer with years of experience to leave you agape at your wedding photographs. With her unique ability to give your wedding photos an artistic look and feel in the most splendid way possible, we cannot doubt her competence and skill.
  • Very few photographers can aesthetically combine the natural environment (mountains, hills, riverside), with very good photography skills. One of them is Catherine. Her years’ experience of in the field of photography (she says it is more years than her lifetime), and with a love for capturing expressions, emotions and personalities, you can never go wrong with Catherine as your Belfast wedding photographer. She uses a relaxed and non-intrusive approach allowing her take photos of people in natural atmosphere. By the way, she claims to like being behind her camera and not in front of a computer. True enough, her pictures, even with soft editing look amazing. She is one photographer to look for.
  • She combines a modern style of photography with a classic method that makes your wedding album look fresh and new each time you pick it up. She particularly has a way of channelling Belfast’s environment into your pictures.

Your wedding day is not one you should joke around with therefore, capture the best memories possible by choosing the best Belfast wedding photographer.