Pros and Cons of Capturing the First Look as a Wedding Photographer Billericay

Regardless of the couple or wedding set, the wedding day is one memory everyone loves to keep fresh in their minds. As a wedding photographer Billericay, it is important that you inquire from each couple you photograph how they want their pictures to be. While some may want you to capture first look, others may want regular wedding photography.

In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of capturing a first look at a wedding. Before we do that, let’s talk about “first look.”

Explaining “First Look”

Regular wedding tradition tells us that the couple does not set eyes on each other till the bride talks her walk down the aisle. It is mostly regarded as bad luck to see the bride before she does this. There is however a new concept in town, First Look. This simply means when the couple decides to see each other before the ceremony begins proper.

Pros of capturing a “First Look” during a wedding

There are several pros of having a first look but only a few can be enumerated here:

–  Sometimes, the wedding timeline calls for it as certain factors could affect the taking of portraits after the ceremony. With the first look images captured, you would have taken a few important portraits ahead of time.

– In some cases, the sun could set early meaning that the portraits taken after the wedding could be blurry and of low quality. You would have easily overcome this challenge if you had taken some first look portraits.

– There is a calming effect seeing each other has on both couples. When they are calm them they are set for the ceremony and can take as many shots you need them to before everyone else arrives.

There are so many other advantages of capturing first look photos which you are likely to understand as you gain practice as a wedding photographer Billericay.

Cons of capturing a “First Look” during a wedding

Nothing that has pros is void of cons, no matter how few. Below are a few cons of capturing first look photos during a wedding.

–                 These pictures are taken at about the hottest and brightest times of the day, mostly between 11 am and 3 pm. The harsh light could have some adverse effects on the photos, not to talk about the stress of changing locations for the couples.

–                 The couple may also need to get ready far earlier than they should. This could be quite inconveniencing for both parties.

Taking a first look photo

There are several ways to set up a first look photograph. You can put the groom in a position where the bride walks in on him from behind and taps his shoulder. As the emotions go haywire you can take multiple photos in different angles.

You could also make the groom stand facing the direction the bride will walk in from. This way you can capture the instant reaction of both individuals, real emotions. You should let the couple know in each case that you don’t exist, they should just bask at the moment.


By now you must have seen the importance of capturing a first look photo. To learn more about this check out the work of Chris Woodman. His first look photos will be a great inspiration to you as a wedding photographer Billericay.