Things Wedding Photographers Hate

Wedding photography is a very stressful and competitive field.

documentary wedding photographerWedding photographers spend sleepless nights planning for a wedding coverage, browsing through hundreds of wedding photos and editing the flaws in those photos. Wedding photography isn’t at all an easy job. This already demanding lifestyle is further burdened when wedding photographers encounter situations or people who make their job even more stressful by demanding and doing certain things. Here are things wedding photographers hate.

The first is, changing the time and place of the wedding and forgetting to inform them.

Wedding photographers spend weeks planning for your wedding shoot. They have already laid out a meticulous schedule that will grant them the perfect natural light or location to shoot your wedding photos. Changing the venue or time causes that plan to crumble and become useless. If you don’t inform them ahead of time, the probable effect would be they’ll arrive late, be disoriented, unmotivated and ultimately uninspired to take your wedding photos. They’ll be forced to scrap the initial plan and make inconvenient improvisations in order to for an output to be delivered. If this happens, don’t expect to get the wedding photos you planned beforehand. Another thing they hate is the indecisive client. A client who keeps changing styles is irritating. Wedding photography requires careful planning in order to get the best results. A client who continually changes minds makes it difficult for wedding photographers to create concrete plans for the wedding photography. Not having a concrete plan leads to not having any idea what to do or what to cover during the wedding proper. If you’re planning on hiring a documentary wedding photographer for your wedding, please make up your mind and have a plan ready. Your documentary wedding photographer will be very grateful if you do.

Another crime wedding photographers hate is being too demanding.

Yes, you are paying them to get the job done but if the job you are insisting that they will do is impossible don’t expect to have it done. If you demand a wedding photo shoot in the middle of shark infested waters all because you wish to show your dangerous side, expect not find any wedding photographers who will take the job. Wedding photographers have the right to say no. They don’t want to do it, but they will if you get too demanding. It is alright if you have difficult demands, wedding photographers will see it as a challenge.

Just make sure, it doesn’t go over top.

They value their life more than your wedding photo. Lastly, probably the most hated thing by wedding photographers is when their clients refuse to communicate and cooperate with them. There is not nothing worse than having clients nod along when you are having a shoot and start screaming murder when they receive the wedding photos. Wedding photographers wish to avoid you being unsatisfied with their work. But they can’t do that if you won’t tell them what you find unsatisfying about their work. Talk with your documentary wedding photographer and share ideas. No doubt he’ll appreciate the gesture and you might find yourself at the receiving end of a great discount. Check out documentary wedding photographer Catherine Pound Photography.

6 Reasons to Choose Documentary Wedding Photography

reportage wedding photographyHiring a wedding photographer is one of the major choices we need to make when preparing for our wedding. We want to hire someone like this wedding photographer nottingham who can professionally take shots during our big event. We don’t often hire a photographer and most of us only do so for a family photo shoot so getting one for our wedding should be done meticulously.

Wedding photographers offer different packages and apply different photography styles. You have to know ahead what photography style the wedding photographer is good at so you can assess whether it is suitable to your wedding theme. Evaluate if you think it can meet your expectations on how the wedding coverage will be like.

One of the most common and widely preferred types of wedding photography style is the documentary wedding photography. It is sometimes referred to as reportage photography or photojournalistic style. In this style, a photographer candidly takes shots and does not give instructions or ask anybody to pose for the camera. The photographer will cover will take picture of the events as they unfold. This style is very different from the formal, posed style that most photographers apply in the past.

To help you decide whether this style is for you, below are six reasons that you should consider choosing documentary wedding photography for your wedding.

  1. It tells a powerful story

A skilled wedding photographer who is adept in documentary style can produce pictures that when gathered can produce a captivating story that can leave viewers breathless. Each candid photo in the wedding album has a lot to say on how the wedding went through.

  1. You and your spouse can freely move

You don’t have to pose for the camera during the wedding ceremony. You can just focus on the ceremony and party and can go about entertaining your guests without having to worry about you attention getting called for a shot. Of course, you can call on your wedding photographer if at times you want to pose with your friends.

  1. Your guests will feel more relaxed

Not all people are comfortable in being photographed. Some shy away from the camera while others find it intrusive. With documentary wedding photography, your guests won’t notice that they are being photographed. They will feel more relaxed and the wedding photographer can capture more natural smiles when the guests are enjoying themselves during the wedding.

  1. Real emotions and expressions will be shown

By discreetly taking pictures, a photographer can capture the real emotions of you and your guests during the wedding. You will see how happy, excited or emotional the guests and even your spouse are during this special day.

  1. Less time will be spent

Except for the group shots you might want to have before the wedding, the wedding will get finished earlier if your Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer will apply the documentary wedding style. It is different from the posed or traditional style wherein the photographer will from time to time call you and your guests’ attention for a shot. This will of course take longer since the photographer will arrange the subjects and help them with their poses.

  1. It is not scripted

There is less to no intervention from the wedding photographer so you can be assured that everything is genuine and real emotions. Real emotions, expressions, actions and happenings can be seen in the pictures.

Some photographers apply a combination of posed and documentary wedding photography styles. You can request for this kind of style if you want to get some formal shots along with several candid pictures.