5 Things You Should Know to Hire a PhotoBooth

hire a photoboothYou want to be able to do your best in preparing your wedding photography. And to do that, you might be thinking that you should hire a photobooth. It’s all great, but we really want to make sure that you hire from the right photobooth service provider as well as get the best out of the service you have paid for.

1. Get it from your wedding photographer

It’s a booming business and a lot of people are offering it. But we highly suggest that you get your photobooth service from your wedding photographer. It’ll save you a lot of time looking for one because your photographer knows a lot about you already. He knows your preferences as well as how to better decorate the booth if it’s necessary.

Moreover, you might get a special offer from purchasing another package from your photographer!

2. Know the quality

Modern photobooths are already equipped with some of the best cameras that capture sharp and beautiful pictures. You don’t have to worry if the pictures will be able to capture everyone clearly because that’s the standard of photobooths nowadays. To see if your photobooth is providing that service, ask your photographer for some samples or if possible, take one or two pictures yourself.

3.  What comes together with it

If you got your photobooth from a professional provider, you will get a lot of props with the booth. You also don’t have to worry about taking care of them, because they will also provide you with a butler or an assistant who will take care of everything. All you need to do is pay and wait for the photobooth to arrive and set up on your wedding day.

An example of a professional provider is SmartPicsUk.com Event Photography and we always like to recommend people to hire a photobooth here.

4.  Ask for customization

It would be great if you can have your photobooth to be customized to suit the decoration and theme that you have for your wedding party. It doesn’t have to be decorated too much, but just enough that it’ll compliment the look of your party.

Some providers even provide you with customizable add-ons, such as a guest book. They can also customize the paper frame if they provide any.

5.  Lots of things to do with it!

With the pictures from the photobooth, you can have a lot of ideas to work with them. A cousin of mine used to use pictures of his relatives glued to a tree-shaped cardboard as a decoration. They’ll bring that back to their home and keep it as a memory from their wedding day. Many others would usually use the pictures as a slideshow to be shown in the hall as people wait for the party to start.

There’s only the creativity that limits you with what you can do with your photobooth. And it’s a really great thing to know that you are reading this before you get a photobooth. Now, you can hire a photobooth and get the most out of it.