Top 10 Questions You Should Not Miss Asking Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerIn a wedding, a wedding photographer is expected to be present. He/she was carefully picked out by the couple to work on this huge task of gathering memories of their special day. Most couples had to do series of interviews before finally deciding on which wedding photographer to hire. The couple asked relevant questions related to the wedding and the answers given by the photographer candidate helped them determine if the photographer is worth hiring or not.

For engaged couples out here who are looking for a professional wedding photographer to hire, here are the top 10 questions that you should not miss asking your photographer.

  1. What packages are you offering?

Photographers offer various packages depending on the budget and needs of the photographer. Compare prices and packages that the wedding photographers are offering and choose one that you like best.

  1. How long have you been working as a professional wedding photographer?

If the photographer has been in the wedding photography Hertfordshire business for several years, then he/she is probably already has the skills needed for the job. Ask this questions and request for proof of experience like pictures or work portfolio.

  1. Who and how many photographers will work on our wedding?

If you are interviewing someone from a large studio, then you will need to ask if he is going to be covering your wedding or will it be someone else. Know also ahead if the primary photographer will be working with another photographer or if an assistant will be there to help.

  1. What equipment will you bring and how many cameras will you use?

A professional photographer will bring 2 or more camera, several lenses, memory cards and spare batteries. He/she will make sure that there is a spare camera to use in case the main one suddenly malfunctions.

  1. How many hours will you take pictures?

You need to know how many hours will the wedding photographer take pictures and when he/she will start shooting. Ask also how much is the overtime charge if there is any.

  1. What wedding photography style do you apply?

There are many wedding photography styles today that wedding photographers can use. But then, two of the most popular today are traditional and documentary wedding photography style. You will have to talk it over with your partner what style you want and ask the candidate if he/she can do it or not.

  1. Do you have albums of past weddings you worked on that I can see?

Request to see some of the images he/she captured on a wedding. Notice how consist the pictures are and how sharp and brilliant (or not) they are. You do not have to be an artist to know whether the pictures are great or not. Just look carefully and trust your instinct.

  1. How many days will it take for you to finish post production?

Some wedding photographers take months to finish post production and deliver your product. You have to know early on how many days it will take the photographer to give you the agreed prints or other products.

  1. Can I have a look at your sample contract?

A sample contract can help you assess how honest and credible the photographer is. Check if the details in the sample are specific and sounds fair to both parties.

  1. Are you available on this date?

Of course, this is among the firsts that you have to ask when interviewing a wedding photographer. You need to know early on if the derby wedding photographer is not yet booked on your wedding date. If he/she is, then you have to interview the next one in your list of potential photographers.

The Top 3 Things You Must Do When Booking a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerWedding photography is perhaps one of the most lucrative forms of photography. There are many photographers who decided to specialize in wedding photographer with hopes of earning a high income. These wedding photographers compete in offering different wedding packages or services to couples who are planning to marry.

If you are planning to get wed soon and looking forward to booking a wedding photographer, then there are several things to consider in doing so.  There are many wedding photographers and wedding packages being offered and this can be quite confusing. You cannot just choose one based on their looks or their low-cost, enticing packages.

Your wedding is special so it is vital that you exert more effort in making it truly special. One way is to book a great wedding photographer. A great photographer is someone who is skilled, honest, reliable, and people smart.  To choose one, here are the top 3 things you must do.

  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the wedding photographer

When looking for a wedding photographer, you will surely stumble into some great ones. Carry out a background check of each then create a short list of 4 to 5 candidates. Next, ask for an appointment with each photographer.

Before the first appointment, you need to prepare a list of important questions to ask. You can either write it down or keep them in mind. You can ask about the photographer’s photography style, experience, equipment, backup plans and similar questions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions related to your wedding preparations.

Don’t forget to ask first if the photographer is still available on your chosen wedding date. If he’s not free on that day, then you’d better move on to the next candidate or an alternative wedding photographer

  • Choose and book as early as possible

When you and your partner have already chosen a date for your wedding, get moving and start finding a wedding photographer. Great wedding photographers get booked early so you will need to contact and make appointments as early as possible.

  • Understand the contract before signing it.

Once you have chosen the wedding photographer that you find reliable and you are comfortable working with, you should now start setting the contract. The contract is usually prepared by the photographer but it is amenable to changes so both parties will be pleased. If there are parts in the contract that you don’t agree with, then be upfront and politely ask for it to be changed. You need to read the contract thoroughly before finally signing the agreement.

If the photographer doesn’t want a written contract, then don’t book him because it’s most likely he’s up to no good. He might not appear on your wedding day and that will have a huge impact to your wedding. Find someone like wedding photographer hampshire who is honest and professional.

By booking the right wedding photographer, you can be assured that wonderful wedding pictures will be delivered to you and these pictures are worth keeping for life.

Traditional vs Reportage Wedding Photography: Which One is For You?

wedding photographyUp to now, there is still an unending debate on which wedding photography style is the best: traditional or reportage (photojournalistic). When asked, professional wedding photographers have diverse answers thus confusing many newbie photographers as well as soon-to-wed couples.

For couples, they want to find out which style suits their wedding setup. Meanwhile, amateur photographers want to know what style is profitable and worth mastering in.

Traditional wedding photography and reportage wedding style truly have significant differences and for you to choose one, it is critical to have a deeper understanding of each style.  Let’s go ahead and compare the two based on the following aspects:

Posed vs Candid

In Traditional style, you can usually see formal shots of the couple and the guests taking a pose and looking at the camera. It is very different from the reportage style wherein you can see candid, informal pictures. The photographer takes candid shots of the couple as well as the guests. He doesn’t give any directions and he doesn’t intervene or directly get involved in any part of the wedding.

Directed vs Unsupervised

Traditional wedding photographers will use a shot list to ensure that all important things and people will be photographed. They give directions to the couple as well as the guests and teach them what poses to make. The traditional wedding photographer spends time in setting up the photo shoot.

On the other hand, Reportage wedding style is unsupervised and no instructions are given out by the photographer. He takes shots of the couple and the guests discreetly and just allow the events in the wedding to unfold. This can be an advantage since some guests feel uncomfortable in posing for the camera or in being directed at.

Predictable vs Unpredictable

In traditional wedding style, the photographer knows what will happen in the wedding and the events are usually predictable thus all key moments will surely be photographed.

Meanwhile, reportage wedding photography will require a photographer to be anticipative in order to capture the important moments in the wedding. With more experience, an amateur photographer can be as good as wedding photographer hampshire in predicting events when they unfold.

More or Less Time Consuming

Traditional wedding photography will consume more time than reportage wedding since the traditional wedding photographer will need to setup the place and teach the subjects on what poses to make. In reportage wedding, no set up or advanced planning for the shoot will be made.

Natural vs Unnatural

There are photographers who claim that traditional wedding photos look unnatural since the couple and the guests are made to pose and smile. Some photographers contradict this though and say that formal shots may still look natural.

Reportage wedding photos are said to look more natural than traditional since the subjects get to move more freely thus capturing their genuine smiles, emotions or expressions. Visit the website of Pure Image Photography to see how natural or realistic photos should look like.

To sum up, traditional wedding photography is directed, time consuming and involves a lot of intervention but you can be assured that the key moments will be photographed and that everything will be recorded. Reportage wedding photography, on the other hand, is more realistic, unsupervised, unobtrusive and can reveal the true emotions of people.

A beginner photographer like you can specialize in any of the two but still be able to offer the lesser choice. You can incorporate different styles to accommodate the needs of a client. Flexibility is important in photography thus being able to do both styles can help you offer more services to clients and be successful in this field.

I am Helping My Friend Plan a Wedding in England – Help Me Find a Photographer

wedding photographyA friend of mine is getting married and we’re excited for her! They’re planning to have it in England and asked for my help in finding a wedding photographer (knowing that I am from there). And so, the pressure of searching the right one is on me! I wouldn’t want her to get disappointed with my recommendation so I had to do a good job in finding one.

Searching for a wedding photographer is not easy. There are several things to take in consideration before finally choosing one. In my friend’s case, I started my search by checking online forums and websites to look for photographers in England. I considered first the local ones in the area where the wedding will happen. I found several professional wedding photographers and created a list containing their contact info. I, then, looked for tips on what to look for in a wedding photographer

I know there are some of you who are also looking for wedding photographers so I’d like to share the tips I found on how to choose a wedding photographer.

1. Set an appointment with all candidates and ask relevant questions.

Ask for an appointment with each photographer and make sure to ask important questions to assess the skills and credibility of the photographer. Some of the questions you should ask are:

a. How many years are you in the business?
b. Do you have a second shooter or assistant during the wedding?
c. How many hours are you going to cover my wedding?
d. How many cameras are you going to use? (He should use more than one)
e. Do you have your own lighting equipment?
f. How many days will it take for you to finish the post production? (Around 4 to 6 weeks is reasonable)

2. Know the photographer’s style

Have a look at 2 or more wedding albums from past weddings he had covered to determine his style. See if you like his style and the pictures he tool and if you do, then he’s a good candidate. I got this tip from a friend who is into event photography.

3. Check photographer’s professional background

You can directly ask the photographer for contact info of his/her past clients then talk to each to ask about their experience and if they were satisfied with the photographer’s work. Get honest opinions and ask also the people he/she has worked with before to see if he is honest, trustworthy, skilled and passionate about his job.

4. Learn what devices and accessories the photographer has.

A professional photographer has more than one camera. Using one camera is not enough because if it malfunctions you’ll get stuck and end up missing special happenings during the wedding. A great wedding photographer like this Dorset wedding photographer always has an extra of every device he uses – backup cameras, extra lenses, extra batteries, memory card and other accessories.

5. Determine how proficient he is

In digital photography, most professional photographers know how to edit pictures using popular editing software tools like Photoshop. But the, there are some who have limited knowledge in editing and are not that proficient in using enhancing tools.

It is best to know how proficient the photographer is in handling the post production of photos. It is also important to know ahead on how he edits a picture. Is it only light editing for a more natural look or heavy editing for a more artistic feel?

Finding a wedding photographer for your wedding or that of your friend’s can be easy if you take it seriously and prepare early. Don’t settle for anything less than the best and most proficient. You don’t have to pick the most high-rated though, you just need to get the right one that suits your taste, your budget and of course someone that is credible and easy to get along with.